Account Type

TravelProRentals offers commissionable and NET Rates. Commissionable Rates means the property is booked at the consumer rate and you receive a commission paid back to you from TravelProRentals. NET Rates means the property is booked at a rate with the commission already deducted from the prices.

For example, if select a "Commissionable Rate" Account Type, if a property has a rent of $100 + taxes and fees, you or your client would pay the full $100 rent + taxes and fees and then you would receive a 10% commission from TravelProRentals once the reservation has begun. If you select a "NET Rate" Account type, the property rent would be reduced by 10% and you or your client would pay $90 + taxes and fees. Since the commission has already been deducated from the rent at the time of booking, you would not receive an additional commission from TravelProRentals.

Account type can be changed at any time if you are unsure or if you want to book some properties using NET rates and others with Commissionalbe rate.

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