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Why should I give you my IATA, ARC, CLIA number or Consortium Affiliation?
This program is a special opportunity specifically for licensed travel professionals. Your affiliation will help us to confirm your status.
How do I set up as a Travel Agency and keep all my Agent’s bookings in one place?
Contact us at and let us know the company and agents you want to associate with the company. We will set you up with a company administrative level account which can see all activity within a company + the desired number of agent accounts. We can also move existing agent accounts into a consolidated company account.
I’ve registered. Now, how do I login?
Once you’ve registered with TravelProRentals at book mark the page on your menu and simply click on the "Travel Professional Login" link at the top right of the page. Then login using your email and password (temp or created). You´ll be able to begin searching right away.


What email address and telephone number should I use for support?
For customer service regarding property or reservation questions, please use or +1 650-265-6070. For sales and account related questions, please use
How can I ask a question about a specific property?
The "Ask a Question" box located on the right side of every property listings directs your question to customer service along with the property you are asking about. You can also contact customer service directly at or +1 650-265-6070.


What is the best way to search?
Begin with the client´s intended destination. Start typing in the destination and then choose the exact location you want from the drop-down menu. Select travel dates and then filter to bring up the most relevant results. If your results seem low, try adjusting a filter.
What is the quickest way for me to save properties I like?
Start a Folder under your client’s name or property type. Click the heart to save to a folder. Right click to rename your folder.
Who should I speak to find out more about a property?
The "Ask a Question" box located on the right side of every property listings directs your question to customer service along with the property you are asking about. You can also contact customer service directly at or +1 650-265-6070.
What is the quickest way to re-find the properties I´ve searched?
If you’ve saved to folders and organized them well, you´ll be able to find the properties quickly and efficiently. You can also search for properties you know you like by typing the name in the keywords feature.
Why doesn’t my destination city appear when I search?
Double check the spelling of your destination. If you are unable to find it when you search, we don´t currently have any active properties in that city. Try going to the state or region for that city and then using the “Map View” feature to find properties in that area.


Do you offer a "White Label Site" where clients can see property listings without rates?
The email folder, email listing, and brochure for client features allow you to email one or more properties to clients to review. When emailed, these properties include your branding and do not show rates. If the client emails a question, the email will go directly to you.

To email a link to a property listing, click on the "Email to Client" icon located near the top right of the listing. Click here for an example of an individual listing emailed to a client.

To email a PDF brochure of a property listing, click on the "Brochure for Client" icon located near the top right of the listing. This will generate a PDF brochure that you can download and email to your client. Click here for an example of a PDF brochure that can be emailed to a client.

To create a folder that includes multiple properties to send to your client, click on the "Add to Folder" icon located near the top right of the listing. Click here for an example of a folder with multiple listings emailed to a client.
What are Folders?
You can create folders to save groups of properties that you want to review later or send to clients. You add a property to a folder by clicking on the "Add to Folder" link near the top right of a property listing or click on the "Add to Folder" link next to each property in the search results. An example use a folder is looking for suitable properties for a client going to Orlando. In this case you could create a folder called "Client Name" or "Orlando" and then save several properties to that folder that you want to propose to your client. You can then email "white label" versions" of the properties in this folder to your client for review.
How can I add my Company Logo and/or Profile Picture to the emails or PDF brochures I send to clients?
Click "My Account" in the main menu. Add your Company Logo under the "My Company" tab. Add your Profile Picture under the "My Profile" tab.


Do you offer NET rates or commissionable rates?
We offer both. Within the My Profile section of your account information you can choose commissionable or NET rates. For commissionable rates, you will receive a 10% commission on all bookings. For NET rates, the rates you see on the website are reduced by 10% so there is no additional commission.
What is the difference between NET rates or commissionable rates?
Commissionable rates: Travel agents usually choose commissionable rates. With commissionable rates, you earn 10% of the rental charge for bookings to be paid as a commission after a completed stay. The rental charge is the total number listed before any taxes, fees or extras are added to the amount. The amount you will receive is displayed in red when making the booking.

NET rates: Tour operators usually choose NET rates. If you select NET rates in your profile, the rental amount you see when booking has already been reduced by 10% (you save 10%). The price you charge to your client should include the NET rate plus a markup/commission. The markup/commission you add to the NET rate is what you earn and the amount is up to you.
Can I change the price or add a commission?
For NET rates, the price you see in the TravelProRentals system will be the NET rate, however, you can add whatever markup or commission you want when you present the price to the client. For commissionable rates, we do not currently support adding a markup to make your commission payment higher than 10%. This is a capability we are considering adding in the future.


How much commission will I earn with a TravelProRentals booking?
Agents who have selected commissionable rates will earn a 10% commission on the rental charges, excluding cleaning and tax, for each reservation once the stay is completed.
When are commissions paid?
Your commission will be paid to you within 30 days of the end of each month, based on stays completed by your clients in that month.
How will I be paid?
You will be paid by check from RedAwning in USD. Payments are processed once a month usually through Please keep your profile up-to-date with your name, address and phone number, and watch out for the invite, so we can be sure to reach you.
Why have I not been paid?
Please check if we have the correct address and contact information for you. We will be sending your check to the agency listed on your registration form. If you are expecting a payment and have not yet received it, please contact


What is the payment process for a booking?
In order to secure a booking, a 50% deposit is required. RedAwning currently accepts payment by credit card in US dollars only. The balance is collected 60 days prior to check-in. For bookings within 60 days of arrival, 100% is required at the time of booking.
Whose credit card should I use to hold for the reservation?
You can use either your client´s card or your own card to hold the reservation. If you´re using your client´s card please make sure the booking is in your client´s name so the name and card information match. The card will be declined if name and address do not match. In the event of a cancellation, the refund (and balance) will be charged to the credit card that was used.
What payment methods are accepted?
Accounts can be set up to make payments via bank transfer or credit cards. Note that demo accounts are set up to show payment via a credit card only.
Where can I get a copy of the rental agreement to send my guests?
A full copy of the rental agreement and policies is included on your booking confirmation. The rental agreement may also be be found here:
Do I have to re-enter my credit card information for every booking?
No, under the "My Account" menu in the "Payment Info" tab, you can enter credit card information which can be saved and re-used for future bookings. Once you have saved this credit card information, it can be selected from a drop down box on the property booking form. An account that has company administrator level access can enter and save credit card information that can be used for booking payments by any other company user.
How are damage / security deposits handled?
All properties include a damage waiver which is a small non-refundable fee (typically $50) that provides damage insurance rather than a refundable damage deposit. Some very high-end properties may require a refundable security deposit. In this case, the security deposit will be noted as part of the listing description and the deposit can be paid directly by the guest prior to arrival or upon check-in depending on the property.


Is there a grace period for cancellations?
There is generally a 24-hour grace period within which a booking can be cancelled or changed without charge. There is no grace period for reservations made within 7 days of check-in. Note: this grace period protects both the guest and manager/owner. The manager may also cancel a booking within 24 hours. We recommend waiting 24 hours before providing your guests with final confirmation of booking.
What is the cancellation policy?
We collect 50% of your stay cost at the time of booking to hold your reservation and the balance is due 60 days prior to check-in. Reservations made more than 7 days in advance of arrival may be cancelled within one business day from the booking date and receive a full refund. Otherwise, payments are non-refundable when collected. Please check the property description for any property specific differences to the payment schedule or cancellation policy which will apply if stated in the description.
Why is your cancellation policy so strict?
Vacation rental properties are different than hotels in that each property can only be rented once at a time for a stay, while hotels have hundreds of rooms available. As a result, each booking prevents all other customers from renting at the same time and owners lose the opportunity to rent their place again if it is held for a renter who cancels their stay after preventing others from booking. RedAwning follows a balanced set of policies to protect the interests of both owners and renters in a fair way.
Who should I speak to if a guest needs to cancel?
Please contact TravelProRentals customer service immediately at
Who is responsible for issuing refunds?
Travel Pro Rentals will issue any refunds to the card that was originally charged.
Who is responsible for paying deposit and cancellation costs?
If you use your agency business credit card to make reservations, then all deposits and cancellation fees will be charged to the same card.
Are changes possible after the reservation is booked?
The cost to change reservations will depend on the property. If we are able to accommodate the change to another property from the same property manager, there will generally be a $75 USD fee to make a change. However, if the change cannot be accommodated by the same property manager, then generally the cancellation policy would apply to any payments made.


How are prices quoted?
Prices are quoted based on the length of stay and dates of travel and are broken down by rental fee, cleaning fees, and taxes. For some properties prices quoted are also dependent on the number of guests. The total cost, including all fees and tax, is quoted.
Can I change the quote?
All property information that you sent to your client is white labeled with no rate information. This allows you to include your own branding and service fee. Simply add your company logo to your profile picture under My Company in MY ACCOUNT.
Are the rates and price quotes net rates?
Yes, all the rates show on the properties and when you do a rate quote are net rates. You will add your commission or mark-up to these rates when presenting them to the clients.
Do the rates change for different seasons?
Typically yes. The "Rates" tab on each property listing shows rate ranges and in some cases detailed rate ranges by season. For online bookable properties, you can retrieve a price quote for specific date ranges by entering the travel dates and clicking on the "Check Rates & Book It" button.
Do the rates change for different number of guests?
Typically the rates are the same for any number of guests up the maximum occupancy. Properties that have different rates based on the number of guests will produce a rate quote based on the specific number of guests entered or explain the charges in the Rental Terms.
Are there minimum stay requirements like Saturday to Saturday only?
The minimum night policy varies by property and season. Most properties have at least a 3 night minimum with some requiring a 7 night stay in high season. When you generate a rate quote for a property, it will specify the minimum night requirements for those dates.
Do the rates include all fees?
Yes, the rates include all fees. If you have any questions, please contact customer service prior to booking for clarification.


Why is the booking confirmation sent to me?
Unless otherwise requested, the booking confirmation is sent to you for your own packaging and branding before sending it on to your client.
Why do some properties have a 72-hour waiting period on the booking?
Some properties, especially ultra-luxury properties, require additional confirmation and acceptance of the booking from the owner/manager. If a property is listed with a waiting period please be advised that the booking is not fully confirmed until confirmation from the owner/manager is received.
I booked a property and then found out it was unavailable. How did that happen?
Every now and then a calendar may not be updated by the property manager fast enough to prevent a competing booking. Sometimes owners may also forget to mark their future plans far enough in advance. Travel Pro Rentals does its best to ensure calendars are correct and updated but should a double-booking occur, we´ll let you know as soon as possible, and our staff will do its best to find your client an alternative comparable property in the same area. We have a lot of properties in most areas so we usually have multiple comparable properties open.


When will you send the check-in instructions?
RedAwning sends check-in instructions four to five days before the check-in date.
Where will you send the check-in instructions?
We can send the check-in instructions to you or your client, depending on what you prefer. Our program is set up to send the check-in instructions to the email address of the guest, so if you would prefer to brand and package all communications yourself, enter your own email address in the renter email field when making the booking.
When do I receive the property street address?
The property street address and other check in details such as the local property manager contact information and property key pickup procedures are typically provided 30 days prior to arrival.
How are keys exchanged?
Key pickup instructions are typically provided 30 days prior to arrival. Typically the guest will receive a combination to enter the property or pick up keys at the property manager´s office, however, the specific key pickup process varies based on the property manager. The guest should carefully review the key pickup instructions and make alternative arrangements with the property manager if necessary due to late arrival or other issues.
I need last minute check-in information?
Please contact the local property manager if you have already received their contact information. If you've not received check-in instructions by the time your client arrives at the property, please text for immediate chat assistance and fastest response 24 hrs/day on 510-953-4900 (USA) or +1 510 953 4900 (International).


Is housekeeping available?
Housekeeping during a stay is available on request for some properties. If housekeeping is required, prior to booking the property the Travel Professional should use the "Ask a Question" form located on the listing to describe the requirements and verify whether housekeeping is available. The request will be answered by Travel Pro Rentals as quickly as possible.
Are the properties listed on the site the exact properties provided to renters or are they a condominium property where each one is decorated differently?
Nearly all the properties shown on the listing are the exact property provided to the renter. There are a small number of cases where properties are located within the same building or complex and are equipped with nearly identical amenities and decor and are listed by "unit type" rather than exact units. If a property is listed as a "unit type" and does not represent an exact unit, this is stated in the "Notes" area of the listing. An example where a property could be listed as a "unit type" would be two or more 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom ocean-front units located in the same building.


To whom should my client speak if they have a problem with the property while they are staying there?
The name of property owner or manager will be in the check-in instructions we send to you or your guests. Guests should contact the manager listed if there are issues with plumbing, water, or gas, etc.

If a problem arises during a guest´s stay that can´t be or isn´t resolved by the owner or manager, let us know right away and we´ll work with you and the owner/manager to promptly resolve the issue. Please be sure to let us know right away as we can´t improve your guest´s stay if you only reach out to us after theyve checked out.
To whom should I speak if a guest has a complaint about a property when they return?
TravelProRentals strives to work with only reputable managers and owners and guaranteed quality vacation homes. We send surveys to guests after every stay and will contact any guest who had a bad experience to get more information and do our best to resolve their concerns.


Do you offer and XML or Web Services to integrate Travel Pro Rentals properties and booking capability into our own website?
Yes, XML / API access is available. Please contact us for more details.


I still have questions.